Ilkay Gundogan Makes a Donation Program While Waiting for the Football Competitions Back To Normal

All football clubs get the impact of Coronavirus. The league suspends the competitions until everything is under control and back to normal. So, how about the condition of the players? What do they do while waiting for the league? One of the former players at Manchester City, Ilkay Gundongan gives his opinion. He says that no matter the condition, the squad has to be ready. By the time they get back to the training and competition, they have to show that they are top players and a top club. He adds that people around the world including players in Manchester City face an extraordinary situation. The best thing to do dealing with the situation is to be ready. So, anytime they have to get back to the field, they are ready. Before the league suspends the competition, Manchester City still has 10 matches left to play in the Premier League. On the other hand, the squad has to catch up on the point, in which Manchester City is 25 points behind Liverpool. Liverpool is at the top of the position. 

Ilkay Gundogan is still optimistic and confident with the chance to win the competition. It shows from the FA Cup where Manchester City won a match against Real Madrid 2-1 in the first leg. It means that this squad goes to the quarter-final phase. Manchester City also won the Carabao Cup. It is a kind of a special gift after losing from Manchester United in the Premier League. Ilkay Gundongan explains to maxbetsbobet that Manchester City has to be ready to welcome August for the final stages of the Champions League and European League. Along with the Coronavirus pandemic, leagues have a plan to continue the competition closed or exclusively without any supporters. At the same time, there is no clear information yet about the exact date for England and Euro 2020. One thing for sure is that the federation suspends the competition until the summer of 2021. 

Gundogan states that what he and other players can do is helping other people who were struggling because of this pandemic. Due to this goal, Gundogan makes a donation program. The donation program is for people in Heinsberg, Germany. It is only about 50 miles from Gelsenkirchen where Gundongan lives. Heinsberg is the area with the worst impact of Coronavirus. The City midfielder donates on a shopping service and care packages for nursing staff. Ilkay Gundogan feels lucky that he and his family are in a safe place. He feels sad about what happens with people who were struggling because of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The focus of the donation is to help the elderly who can’t go to the supermarket and let the amateur players help them. Moreover, the program is also for people in clinics who work to help lives. Ilkay Gundogan asks people who have been privileged in this difficult time to thank that they still have a home, food, and family that they love. The point is that Manchester City is ready with the next matches whenever it starts and now they are focusing on helping others to fight against Coronavirus.

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